GRT series

Pioneer company in the manufacture of industrial steam turbines in Brazil, NG Metalurgica now makes available to the Brazilian market, the avant-garde technology represented by the GRT Series of turbines, thanks to a Technology Transfer Agreement signed with Alstom, a company with over 100 years of experience with this type of equipment.

Highly Efficient and Compact

With this tested and highly reliable technology, the GRT series of turbines provide customized solutions for efficient and flexible power and heat production.

They incorporate a modular concept with a plug-and-play type of assembly, which reduces times and costs of transport, installation and commissioning.

The modern GRT turbine project was inspired on the present day needs of power generating plant operators, which require flexibility and reliability while they provide power in the most efficient manner possible.

The GRT series offers individualized construction options for steam extraction, as result of their modular architecture, which completely meets the requirements of applications in the industrial and power generation markets.

GRT45-M100 Alstom

Technical Specifications
Rated power output 10 to 80 MW
Inlet pressure up to 125 bar
Inlet temperature up to 540º C
Turbine speed 4,200 to 11,000 rpm
Exhaust area up to 3.5 m²
Blading type reaction with impulse control stage
Number of  bleeds up to 5
High pressure controlled extraction from 15 to 31 bar
Medium pressure controlled extraction from 6 to 15 bar
Low pressure controlled extraction below 6 bar
Casing ingle casing / single shell
Rotor one piece forging