Speed reducers

Manufactured since 1920, the NG speed reducers have a considerable history and innumerable operating and application references. They are recognized by the entire market because they have absorbed and continued with the traditional DEDINI technology of this line of products.

Seeking to develop robust construction equipment that generates a low noise level and high performance, NG has added an essential characteristic: the sophistication of its gears.

Produced in accordance with the requirements of international standards, such as AGMA and API, and submitted to strict quality control at all manufacturing stages, NG reducers have proven safety and long useful life.

High Speed

operacao_energia_redutores_gThe high speed reducers have a transmission stage, horizontally placed parallel shafts, bi-helical gears, patent metal bearings on two shafts, brackets, labyrinth copper seals, lubrication and cooling under pressure.

G series

This series incorporates the most recent technical advancements in the high speed sector.

It was completely developed by NG and is used for driving up to 15.000 kW, (for power generators, compressors, pumps and exhaust systems, for example). Mounted in cast iron housings with internal oil passages, the gears are rectified for perfect contact between the teeth, thus obtaining a low noise level and longer useful life.

GID 200 300 413 480 500 660
GIR 200 300 320 413 480 500 520 660

F series

operacao_energia_redutores_fThis equipment is of robust construction mounted in cast iron housings, requiring minimal maintenance. These gears are used to drive up to 3000 kgf x m (for example, shredders and oscillating knives in sugar industries, pumps, compressors and fans). The teeth and pinion shafts are rectified and those of the gears cut and/or rectified. After assembly they are mated to obtain perfect contact between the teeth and a low noise level.

FID 500 525 590 660 700
FIR 500

High/Medium Speed

The high and medium speed reducer lines have two transmission stages and horizontally placed parallel shafts. The teeth and pinion shafts are rectified and those of the gears cut.
After assembly they are mated to obtain perfect contact between the teeth and a low noise level.

M series

They are used to drive up to 8,300 kgf x m (to drive mills through intermediate reduction, shredders and oscillating knives, for example). Among their features, centered bi-helical gears, cast iron housing, patent metal bearings on three shafts, brackets, labyrinth copper seals, lubrication and cooling under pressure, are outstanding.

M2D 500 465 520 715 770
M2R 500 465 520

DM2F series

Designed to meet the most diverse applications, these items of equipment are manufactured with housings of welded construction, with a functional and extremely rigid design.  The gears are of the bi-helical and or helical type, manufactured from forged or cast alloy steels, with plain white metal bearings on the input shaft and roller bearings on the other shafts; with labyrinth copper seals on the input shaft and neoprene seals on the output shaft and oil lubricated and cooled under pressure. The pinion shafts are cut from special forged steel followed by carburizing hardening process and the gears are made from heat treated forged alloy steel.

DM2F 500 250 280 320 360 400 450

Optionally, the reducers can be supplied with the following accessories:

  • Base Plates with fixation elements
  • Coupling for input and output shafts
  • Oil pump for the lubrication and cooling system


  • Re-machining housings, gear recutting and rectification
  • Re-use of existent parts, without altering the reducer performance
  • Replacement of parts, preserving the original features or alterations for technological upgrading
  • Evaluation of gear alignments and contacts


  • Parts manufactured according to samples or drawings
  • Preservation of geometric and dimensional interchangeability


  • Evaluation of equipment existent at the plant
  • Recalculation, redimensioning, adaptation, recommendations of materials and heat treatment
  • Evaluation of the influence of re-powering on the existent oil and bearing systems
  • Technical reports

Field assistance

  • Installation, leveling and alignment, start up.
  • Team of specialized technicians on call 24 hours, ready to act throughout Brazilian territory and Latin America