Permanent factory and technical assistance teams for 24 hours per day attendance

Turbine user technical assistance

Technical group, including mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers, supervisors and assemblers experts for field services attendance as for example:

  • Problem solutions and repair
  • Parts and components replacement
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Functioning evaluation
  • Retrofit studies
  • Plant and process studies
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • New equipment erection
  • Comissioning and tests
  • Start up

Erection, tests, comissioning and start up supervision

Our team of technicians and engineers can supervise the installation of new turbines and their auxiliary systems, including the following activities:

  • Checking and preparation of the civil base of foundation, before receive the equipment
  • Equipment location and erection on the base of foundation
  • Equipment leveling and pré-alignment
  • Complete oil piping pickling
  • Oil, water and condensate piping interconnection
  • Local instrument and panel interconnection
  • Final alignment
  • Steam piping blowing supervision
  • Turbine admission, extraction and exhaust flanges forces and moments evaluation
  • Comissioning of complete oil, steam, electrical, governing, safety and protection steam systems
  • Start up and performance evaluation
  • Load rejection test follow up
  • Assisted operation
  • Maintenance and operation personnel training