Design and fabrication of steam turbines, with power of between 3,000 and 80,000 kW, gear box with power of up to 15,000 kW and cogeneration systems, are the main products and services of this operational area, which has technology agreements with Allen Steam Turbines (England), since 1986.

Worldwide recognized and present in all continents, the 60 different frame sizes of multistage steam turbines embrace various application options.

Of the backpressure or condensing types, with direct flow, controlled extraction or bleed, for low, medium or high inlet pressures, our technology have allowed increasing the imaginable limits for the relation between inlet and extraction steam flows.

The sector’s tradition may be evaluated in expressive numbers: around 3,200 turbines and 2,200 gear box supplied, totaling around 5,1 gigawatts of power.

CGI video of a condensing turbine with controlled extraction: