Tradition, knowledge and significant references on the development of plants for ethanol production, on amplifications or in greenfield projects.

Distilleries up to 1,200 m³/24 h.

Dehydration up to 1,800 m³/24 h.

An area with its own engineering and also that coming from technical cooperation agreements with renowned Brazilian and international companies. Both the engineering team as well as both the factory and technical support teams have wide experience and are comprised of professionals who have long connection with the sector.

NG specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of:

  • Distillation systems operating under atmosphere pressure or under vacuum, with capacity to produce hydrous ethanol, anhydrous, rectified industrial, superfine or neutral
  • Dehydration systems via molecular sieve (Intech), cyclohexane and monoethylene glycol (MEG)
  • Columns, condensers and heat exchangers
  • Columns for ethanol recovery
  • Sulphitation columns
  • Equipment for mash pre-fermentation and fermentation , either in continuous or batch system
  • Falling film evaporators, with brazilian or international technology
  • Continuous vacuum pan with Fives Lille do Brasil technology
  • Multi-tubular dryers for sugar
  • Conventional equipment for the treatment of juice and sugar factory
  • Tanks for storing ethanol and other raw materials